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The SHC-9642 SDI to HDMI Converter is a high-quality signal conversion module designed to convert SDI signals, up to and including 3 Gb/s (1080P) to HDMI for monitoring devices.

A robust and feature rich design, the SHC-9642 offers the highest quality video with selectable audio monitoring that offers a stereo pair output that can be selected from any of the embedded audio sources.

  • SDI to HDMI Flow Diagram Simple design
  • Converter Installation Simple installation
  • Circuit Board
    Simply put... engineering excellence.

A complete, out-of-the-box
monitoring solution for SDI to HDMI

Support for everything up to and including 1080P standards, the SHC-9642 features SDI in, reclocked SDI out, HDMI, selectable stereo analog audio, input status LED, power adaptor with locking connection, all housed in a robust 18 gauge steel vented enclosure designed to stay cool and withstand years of abuse.

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Heat dissipation


Where can it be used?


At home just about anywhere...


Monitoring made easy; in a flight pack, an edit bay, a studio, on the back of a monitor or mounted in a rack the SHC-9642 is designed to meet your needs.

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